The Watergardens at Canberra

The Watergardens at Canberra

Project Details

Project Name: The Watergardens at Canberra
Development Company Name: United Venture Development (2020) Pte Ltd
Joint-Venture Partnerships: UOL Group Limited, Singapore Land Group, Kheng Leong Co. (Pte.) Ltd.
Architect: P&T Consultants Pte Ltd
Main Contractor: United TEC Construction Pte Ltd
Location: Outside Central Region

Total Gross Floor Area (sqft): 422329
Number of Residential Units: 448
Type of Area: Strata

Description of Project: The Watergardens at Canberra is a low-rise condominium in Northern Singapore offering resort-style living within an upcoming residential enclave and near public transport nodes. The development is laid out sensitively with 16 blocks of 448 units ranging from 2 to 4-Bedroom configurations. Three distinct landscaped zones feature in the development – a Forest Pool with Water Jet Terrace and water slides, a 50m Lap Pool zone with facility pavilions as well as a Recreation Lawn area with flower gardens. Other facilities include a Clubhouse with dining/meeting facilities and Gym, Teepee Decks, Water Hammocks, Outdoor Chess and various outdoor play areas. Social facilities abound, with 8 themed pavilions for activities such as yoga, waterfront parties such as Games, Music and Karaoke Rooms are also provided. In all, the Watergardens at Canberra offers residents a sense of tranquility with unparalleled convenience and lifestyle.

Official Project Website:
URL for Virtual Tour: N.A.
Completion Status: Building Under Construction

Unit Allocation

Property Category: Condominium / Apartment
2 Bedrooms: 199
2 + Study: 20
3 Bedrooms: 94
3 + Study: 75
4 Bedrooms: 6



Landscape Excellence

Landscape Aesthetic Values: The Watergardens’ landscape design is inspired by its namesake, blending extensive pools and water features with lush tropical planting. Three distinct zones feature in the development – a Forest Pool zone, a 50m Lap Pool zone, as well as a Recreation Lawn zone, creating variety within an integrated development. The Forest Pool is organically-shaped with a dual-level layout and forest-like setting, providing facilities suitable for the entire family including a Water Play Slide, kids’ pools, Water Jet Terrace, Aqua Gym Pool, entertainment rooms as well as a Waterfront Party Pavilion. The Lap Pool has a formal layout and is flanked by the Gym, Function Rooms, cabanas and jacuzzies. A Waterfall Courtyard cascades down to form an immersive entry experience. In addition, the development’s main access features a variety of colourful and flowering plants for a charming sense of arrival.

Social & Cultural Values: The landscape design offers a resort-like lifestyle with views from every unit. Focus is placed on meeting residents’ social and recreational needs while promoting inter-generational living. The host of water-based facilities are centred around the main Forest Pool with sections like the Water Jet Terrace and Jacuzzis for relaxation and Water Play Slide and Children’s Pool for the younger residents. For more dedicated exercise, a 50m Lap Pool is provided, overlooked by the Gym and Function Rooms. Various themed pavilions are interspersed between the waterscapes, providing space for exercise, relaxation or social gatherings. The landscape for the entire development is connected by scenic paths with views to forested planting, water streams and a series of iconic placemarkers such as the Garden Hammocks, Teepee Decks and Fireflies Garden.

Liveability & Wellness: The various landscape provisions enable the condominium’s inhabitants to ignite their senses and interact with their surroundings in a fun and educational way. The development’s own Savoury Garden and Harvest Pavilion allow residents to learn urban farming from dedicated professionals. Teepee Decks allow an outdoor adventure for kids within the security of their own home compound. Other sensory facilities include a Spice & Scent Garden, Pebbles Gravel Pods, a Rocks & Reflexology trail, Forest Cocoon and Outdoor Chess Garden. The incorporation of man-made elements within nature spark interest while fostering a sense of community. When night falls, the landscaped grounds take on a peaceful mood, with sensitively-lit pools and colourful feature lighting at the Recreation Lawn and Fireflies Garden creating a sense of wonder.

Green Plot Ratio: 4.6
Landscape Replacement Area (LRA): 35.6%
Biodiversity and Habitat Creation: Native Species 13.4% Pollinator Friendly Species 26.2%


Design Excellence

Design Concept: The Watergardens at Canberra is a low-rise condominium in Northern Singapore offering resort-style living within an upcoming residential enclave. Each unit in the premium development is designed to feel like a landed home, with generous balconies to facilitate Work-from-Home lifestyles while being close to nature, featuring expansive views out into the verdant landscape.

The blocks are oriented to suit tropical living and promote natural wind flow while minimizing solar heat gain. Due to the sensitive block layout, more than 30% of 2-Bedroom units are fully ventilated, with a large proportion of units enjoying direct views of pools or waterbodies.

The well-designed architecture and intelligent unit layouts are suited for inter-generational living, with a focus on flexible use and Work-From-Home lifestyles. Units are designed with flexibility in mind, with integrated smart home systems for modern living.

The development is within close proximity to numerous neighbourhood parks and nature reserves while being well-connected to the nearby Canberra MRT station and other transport nodes. Various recreation and commercial centres such as Northpoint City, Canberra Plaza and Sun Plaza are also nearby, building on an already bustling community. There is also a publicly-accessible on-site childcare facility, providing quality early childhood education for young families in the vicinity.

Exterior Aesthetics: The Watergardens at Canberra is a low-rise condominium development with 16 blocks of 5-storeys each, with a total of 448 units ranging from 2 to 4-Bedroom Premium configurations. The architecture utilizes the sloping terrain of the site to create blocks at different levels, complete with tiered pools and layered gardens. The residential blocks are rendered in modern, clean lines with brise soleil to provide shade and articulation. Expressed in shades of grey and brown, the first storey is contrasted with the upper storeys to create a floating effect and sense of lightness. The main 50m Lap Pool is flanked on both ends by the Function Rooms and Gym pavilions. With deep roof overhangs and a contemporary aesthetic, the pavilions add a sense of formality to the pool area, with the Gym enjoying a dual frontage to the Lap Pool and Arrival Court below. The sensitive architectural design allows the development to be at one with its landscaped surroundings while maximizing the site’s natural attributes.

Interior Aesthetics & Finishes: The interior design is luxurious and subtle to reflect the premium nature of the development while catering to different buyer profiles and requirements. 2-Bedroom units feature a cool colour palette while 3-Bedroom units and above have a warm palette. Flooring for the main living areas, bathrooms and kitchens have a marble-look while bedrooms have timber-look flooring. Bathrooms and kitchen countertop backsplashes are clad in marble-look grey tones for a luxurious feel while also being highly functional. Attention is paid to carpentry details, with specially-designed wardrobe systems and curved mirror features in Master Bathrooms. In all, the unit interiors are well-suited to modern lifestyles and bolster a great quality of life for the Watergardens’ residents.

Facilities: The Watergardens at Canberra offer a variety of high-quality and engaging facilities for the entire family.

– 50m Lap Pool
– Forest Pool
– Sun Pool
– Rain Pool
– Water Play Slide
– Aqua Gym Pool
– Children’s Pool
– Reflective Pool
– Tranquil Spring
– Water Hammocks
– Jacuzzi Lounger
– Party Jacuzzi
– Jacuzzi Island
– Jacuzzi Alcove
– Cabana Deck
– Waterwall Courtyard
– Water Jet Terrace

– Savoury Gardens & Harvest Pavilion
– Waterfront Party Pavilion
– Outdoor Gym
– Fitness Pavilion
– Dining Pavilion
– Gourmet Pavilion
– Reading Corner
– Meditation Pavilion
– Floating Pavilion
– Pebbles Gravel Pods
– Rocks & Reflexology Trail
– Garden Hammocks
– Blossom Garden
– Flower Garden
– Recreation Lawn
– Sculpture Garden
– Garden Lounger
– Swing Garden
– Play Lawn
– Fun Trail
– Whimsical Play Garden
– Yoga Lawn
– Jogging Trail
– Meadow Garden
– Forest Cocoon
– Teepee Decks
– Pet’s Run
– Terrace Gardens
– Spice & Scent Gardens
– Hedge Garden
– Swale Garden
– Fireflies Garden
– Green Lawn
– Garden Lawn

Recreation Rooms:
– Gym
– Function Room 1
– Function Room 2
– Function Room 3
– Music Room
– Games Room
– Karaoke Room

– Childcare Centre
– Bicycle Parking Facilities

Maintainability: The development is designed for ease of maintenance, both in terms of the architecture and landscape. The façade’s clean and modern lines are rendered in shades of grey and brown to better withstand the effects of weathering. Painting and air-conditioning servicing works can be carried out via the rooftop Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) and air-conditioning ledges respectively, the latter safely accessible from within the units. Lighting and mechanical systems for the public areas are either timer or motion controlled for energy efficiency and to extend the lifespan of the products.

The planting and landscaping concept focusses on the use of leafy and naturalistic tree and plant species which are drought resistant and do not require heavy upkeep. Automatic irrigation is employed throughout the planted areas to further reduce reliance on manpower and resources.

Design Considerations for Unit Layouts: Unit interior layouts are designed for flexibility and functionality while being optimized for working from home. Interior spaces are well-proportioned to suit different users’ needs, and all units feature a generous balcony overlooking landscaped views. 5th floor units from 2-Bedroom Premium and above feature double-volume Living and Dining areas, and are offered as Penthouses. Kitchens have their own dedicated areas, with 2-Bedroom Premium + Study units and above having fully-enclosed kitchens. 4-Bedroom units feature an integrated utility room with ensuite.


Sustainability Excellence

Ecological & Environmental Values: Architecture, Landscape & Passive Design:
– Favourable building orientation to take advantage of North-South prevailing winds, minimize solar heat gain and energy consumption
– Promoting natural cross ventilation and daylighting as much as possible, with open unit layouts, generous balcony spaces and ventilated kitchens
– Use of pools and waterbodies within landscape courtyards to encourage breezes and evaporative cooling
– Verdant landscaping helps to reduce urban heat island effect and overall ambient temperature of the development
– Grey-tinted laminated glass for all facades, reducing solar heat transmission to the interiors

Active Systems:
– Use of energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the development
– Motion detectors installed at all common areas such as lobbies, circulation spaces and washrooms
– Provision of energy-efficient air-conditioners under Singapore Energy Labelling Scheme
– Use of water-saving WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme) certified sanitary fittings and washing machines

Recycling & Resource-Efficiency
– Use of Singapore Green Label and recycled products where possible
– The Savory Gardens & Harvest Pavilion foster community involvement, appreciation of nature and the importance of food resilience
– Promotion of Active Mobility and last-mile commute with a shared on-site bicycle parking facility
– Proximity to Canberra MRT and various nearby commercial and recreational nodes is in line with Singapore’s car-lite push

Environmental Friendliness: The environmental initiatives undertaken by The Watergardens at Canberra seek to make the best use of resources while promoting their enjoyment and adoption by residents. Intuitive and intelligent site planning is introduced from the initial stages to allow the buildings to be open and porous, augmenting them with active strategies and energy-saving systems. The architecture and landscape integrate harmoniously to create a comfortable micro-climate while helping to rehabilitate the site’s natural biodiversity. The landscape also packs many features and points of interest, creating an imageable and enjoyable home for residents. Other initiatives such as the community garden and last-mile facilities help complete the picture, making it a viable home for all age groups, for many years to come.

Green Mark Score: 62


Innovation Excellence

Use of Technology: PPVC Construction:
– Use of Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) method, where each residential unit is assembled in modules
– Use of Prefabricated Bathroom Units (PBU), where interior finishes, fittings and plumbing are fully-finished and assembled off-site
– Significant productivity gains and timeline savings due to substantial off-site activities and just-in-time site assembly
– Improved quality and finishing due to controlled factory conditions
– Improved worksite safety from reduced manpower on-site
– Reduced site noise and pollution, with a cleaner worksite leading to improved neighbourliness

Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD):
– Use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) by all parties including consultants and contractors to resolve technical issues and clashes early in the design process, thus avoiding abortive work downstream
– Streamlining the entire building process from concept, submissions and construction in a seamless manner

Smart Home Systems:
– A dedicated and integrated smart home system developed specially for the condominium, fully accessible from the convenience of one’s phone
– In-home features include a Smart Home Hub that integrates all intelligent home devices, CCTV and intercoms
– Other features also include smart air-con control, a fingerprint-enabled digital lock set integrating all access modes, UV clean air for all elevators and Visitor E-invite system
– Communal functions include app-based facilities bookings and bike rental

Relevance to Community: As a premier development in Northern Singapore the Watergardens at Canberra is located in a mature landed enclave. With its close proximity to Canberra MRT, multiple neighbourhood parks and nature reserves, it offers an unparalleled balance between convenience and recreation, helping to position the area as a desirable and high-quality residential community.

The development’s abundance of common facilities is centred around a water theme and are designed to cater to inter-generational living. Generous recreational pools are grouped around complementary facilities to promote social interaction while encouraging an active lifestyle.

A publicly-accessible childcare facility provides amenity for young families while on-site bicycle parking helps to connect the development to the wider community and promoting greater social interaction.


Marketing Excellence

Marketing Objectives: N.A.
Primary Target Audience: N.A.
Marketing Strategy: N.A.
Deployment of Marketing Technology: N.A.
Promotions: N.A.
Value-added Services: N.A.


Showflat Excellence

Space Utilisation: N.A.
Practicality: N.A.
Creativity: N.A.
Overall Uniqueness: N.A.