The Tapestry

The Tapestry

Project Details

Project Name: The Tapestry
Development Company Name: Bellevue Properties Pte Ltd
Joint-Venture Partnerships: N.A.
Architect: ADDP Architects LLP
Main Contractor: Woh Hup Pte Ltd
Location: Outside Central Region

Total Gross Floor Area (sqft): 720008.73
Number of Residential Units: 861
Type of Area: Strata

Description of Project: A 861-unit condominium located along Tampines Street 86 – Comprising seven 15-storey blocks with over 50 facilities spreading across 10 exciting zones.

The Tapestry is located just minutes to Tampines MRT station (Tampines East West Line and Downtown Line (DTL)), Tampines West MRT station (DTL), Tampines bus interchange, established Tampines Regional Centre and Our Tampines Hub. It is is also within close proximity to major expressways and the Barley viaduct.

Official Project Website:
URL for Virtual Tour:
Completion Status: Completed Project (TOP)

Unit Allocation

Property Category: Condominium / Apartment
1 Bedroom: 120
1 + Study: 149
2 Bedrooms: 265
2 + Study: 29
3 Bedrooms: 148
3 + Study: 90
4 Bedrooms: 45
5 Bedrooms or more: 15




Landscape Excellence

Landscape Aesthetic Values: The landscape design started with taking inspiration from the contiguous spacious landscape ground around the building blocks. The landscape weaves interlocking layers of uncluttered green outdoor spaces and recreational zones to create a relaxing experience for “homes within modern gardens”.

The pool centric design also maximizes units having pool view while strategically juxtaposed amenities like clubhouse, gym, landscape pavilion etc, into a garden tapestry for modern homes.

Social & Cultural Values: Hydro veranda and social patio
Hydro veranda is a hydrotherapy pool at one end of the 50m lap pool and it is a series of smaller cosy pool decks and cabanas nestled around a scented garden. The pool is equipped with water jets massager for the tired shoulders and backs. Water jacuzzi and jets help to relax the muscles. The main deck can be used to conduct morning exercise, practice of yoga or as a platform for an instructor conducting aqua-aerobic classes.
On the opposite end of the lap pool, the pavilion and its garden are designed as a social patio. A set of lifestyle pavilion hosts pool deck spaces as well as an outdoor entertainment area with a ‘teppanyaki hot plate BBQ’. The garden, with a modern minimalist touch. has a smaller jet pool designed for relaxation and for those who prefer a different spatial experience from the larger swimming pool.
Together with the hydro veranda, they form a holistic relaxing environment. They will also cater to people who are drawn to quieter spaces carved out amongst lush planting.
Outside the central pools and gardens, residents will also get to enjoy outdoor facilities like playground, play equipment, recreational tennis court, jogging trail with fitness corners and BBQ pits. For residents who seek for more private spaces to relax or to read, small courtyard spaces are created in the common area landscape as reading corners or courtyard gardens and bench niches. These are conveniently located near each tower block. There is also a pet pavilion with washing facilities and water point, a space catered for the pet lovers in the estate.
To promote community bonding and interest in gardening, the development will also set aside garden spaces for community gardening.

Liveability & Wellness: Swimming zone in the midst of Garden setting.
There are 2 main swimming pool of 100m (9.8m width or approx. 5 swimming lanes) and 50m lap pool (12m wide or approx. 6 swimming lanes) within development. They interlocked and weaved into a L-shape central water body. These will cater to the training and recreation needs of leisure swimmers and fitness enthusiast. Other amenities and features are weaved as focal points in this zone, such as the central lawn, the gym and the clubhouse and eco pond.
Kids’ zone with dry and wet playground
This zone is designed space for the family. It has both a playground with a adventure playset and a fun wet play area. The children can have fun with the spraying water jets and water play equipment. The use of colour is a key design element for play set here and will be reflected in the design and selection of outdoor structures, furniture and plants etc. The intention is to create a joyous family zone in the development.

Green Plot Ratio: 7.17
Landscape Replacement Area (LRA): 8693.6m2
Biodiversity and Habitat Creation: N.A.


Design Excellence

Design Concept: Inspired by the history of this place – Tampines, which was covered by forest and an abundance of ironwood trees in the past.

Complemented with the landscape concept of “home within a resort”, the development provides a comfortable and unique home concept inspired by the harmony of nature and the historic landscape of Tampines.

Exterior Aesthetics: The seven tower blocks are detailed in contemporary sophistication, expressed through slim and deep façade elements, through a palette of wood brown, embodying the textural warmth and richness of the trees.

Full height aluminium screens cladded at tower blocks to screen off A/C ledges strategically, at the same time provide additional layer of texture to break down the building mass.

Interior Aesthetics & Finishes: The New Standard of Luxurious Living

When it comes to space, The Tapestry is an impressive masterpiece worthy of your distinctive taste. Indulge in interiors with an efficient layout that offer unmatched luxury and modern comfort. Each apartment is adorned with sleek designer fittings including a Haiku ceiling fan and finishes known for their quality and style. Find an accessories cabinet fitted with mirror in the master bedroom and a pelmet to conceal blinds or curtain fixtures. Enjoy an exclusive private lift for 4-bedroom, 4-bedroom dual key and 5-bedroom dual key + study units.

Only The Finest For You

Make use of a fully-equipped kitchen with Teka cooker hood, hob, oven, refrigerator and washer cum dryer. An additional Teka combi steam oven is also provided in 4-bedroom, 4-bedroom dual key and 5-bedroom dual key + study units. Kitchen and bathroom wares and fittings come from brands like Grohe and Duravit. This is the home you’ve always wanted and more.

Facilities: 10 exciting zones with over 50 facilities are strategically spread out through the development. The Tapestry offers comfort and ease with a childcare centre within the development and thoughtful fee-based residential services to cater to the residents’ needs.

Arrival Court
1. Guardhouse
2. Welcome Lobby
3. Waiting Lounge
4. Sculpture
5. Reflective Pool
6. Garden Niche with Bench
7. Covered Walkway
8. Entrance Feature
9. Side Gate

Club Tapestry
10. Gathering Place
11. Dining with Gourmet Kitchen
12. The Alfresco
13. Restrooms

Central Park
14. Central Lawn
15. Arbour Walk
16. Palm Garden
17. Cosy Lounge
18. Hammock Lounge
19. Gourmet Pavilion with BBQ Grill
20. Poolside Lounge
21. Changing Rooms with Steam Bath
22. Gymnasium

Aqua Zone
23. 100m Infinity Pool
24. 50m Lap Pool
25. Pool Deck
26. Poolside Cabana

Social Patio
27. Jets Pool
28. Lounge Deck
29. Social Pavilion with Teppanyaki & BBQ Grill

Hydro Veranda
30. Hydrotherapy Pool
31. Cosy Cabana
32. Scented Garden

Enchanted Garden
33. Community Culinary Garden
34. Garden Pavilion with BBQ Grill
35. Viewing Deck
36. Eco-Pond
37. Boardwalk

Kids Explorer
38. Adventure Playground
39. Adventure Play Pool
40. Sun Deck
41. Leisure Cabin
42. Changing Room
43. Palm Alcove

Fitness Court
44. Jogging Trail
45. Sunken Tennis Court (Access via basement level)
46. Fitness Station
47. Multi-Purpose Court
48. Fitness Pavilion with Gourmet Cooking Station

Pets Cabin
49. Pets Washing Bay
50. Pets Play
51. Pets Pavilion

Basement Level
52. Childcare Centre

Maintainability: Access for Maintenance
Proper access of maintenance is provided throughout the whole development with sufficient circulation and working space.

Maintenance at Height
For maintenance at green roof above common facilities, roof cables will be provided for safety hardness to hook on while doing the maintenance works. Gondolas are provisioned at all tower blocks roof level for regular maintenance of tower façades.

Materials and Finishes
The materials and finishes selected for the development are durable and less maintenance. In consideration of the life of the building, all the materials selected are easily available and replaceable.

Design and Detailing
During the design process, architectural detailing such as waterproofing and termination profile have been taken care off to prevent staining, water penetration and premature deterioration.

Design Considerations for Unit Layouts: These blocks are arranged embracing a central landscape feature and
majority of the blocks are oriented in a North‐South orientation, thus facing internal landscape deck
amenities and optimizing views toward the neighbouring parks and quarry. All internal‐facing units have
‘Distance Viewing Corridor’ which affords a sense of privacy.


Sustainability Excellence

Ecological & Environmental Values: Passive Cool Design Architecture
• Designed to minimise direct West-facing units
• Units are designed with balconies and/or other sunshading elements such as horizontal ledges and tinted window glass to minimise direct sunlight
penetration into unit interior

Water Efficiency
• Water efficient fittings provided for all units

Environmental Friendliness: Passive Cool Design Architecture
• Designed to minimise direct West-facing units
• Units are designed with balconies and/or other
sunshading elements such as horizontal ledges
and tinted window glass to minimise direct sunlight
penetration into unit interior

Water Efficiency
• Water efficient fittings provided for all units

Attained Green Mark Platinum Award
Score: 94.90 (based on Green Mark version 4.1)

Energy Efficiency
• Energy efficient air-conditioners provided for all units
• Provision of ceiling fan in living room for all units
• Provision of motion sensors at staircases
• Energy efficient lighting at communal facilities
• Energy efficient lifts with Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drive, sleep mode and regenerative
power feature

Environmental Quality And Protection
• Use of environmentally friendly products certified by approved local certification bodies
• Use of low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paints for internal walls to reduce indoor air pollution

Other Green Features
• Use of Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) technology to significantly improve
construction productivity, reduce noise and dust pollution
• Extensive greenery and landscape
• Pneumatic waste collection and disposal system
• Double refuse chutes for recyclable and non recyclable Waste
• Siphonic rainwater discharge system at roof
• Provision of bicycle parking lots at basement level
• Good access to bus stops

Green Mark Score: 94.90, Green Mark Platinum


Innovation Excellence


More than just a home, but a smart home. With smart home technology, life is so much more enjoyable. Now you can monitor and control your home remotely, so you and your family can always enjoy peace of mind. The Tapestry is definitely the smarter choice when it comes to a home.

-Smart Home Gateway with Pan & Tilt Camera
-Smart Voice Assistant
-Smart Digital Lockset
-Smart Air Conditioner Control
-Smart Lighting Control
-Smart Door Sensor

Relevance to Community: Provision of transfer platforms at 50m & 100m swimming pools for wheelchair users.