Pasir Ris 8

Pasir Ris 8

Project Details

Project Name: Pasir Ris 8
Development Company Name: Phoenix Residential Pte. Ltd. and Phoenix Commercial Pte. Ltd.
Joint-Venture Partnerships: Kerry Properties Limited
Architect: DCA Architects Pte Ltd
Main Contractor: Woh Hup Limited
Location: Outside Central Region

Total Gross Floor Area (sqft): 95010
Number of Residential Units: 487
Type of Area: Strata

Description of Project: Set to be rejuvenated into a vibrant hub, Pasir Ris Integrated Development was conceptualized as an urban oasis in the heart of Pasir Ris. The design takes inspiration from the abundance of green and blue spaces in the vicinity and aspires to exude the tranquillity of a coastal town while being in the centre of everyday amenities and connectivity.

With an abundance of community spaces such as the HDB Town Plaza and Central Greenway, amenities include a Polyclinic, Childcare and Retail mall coupled with various transport modes consisting of 2 MRT Lines, a Bus Interchange, 3 Pedestrian Overhead Bridges connections and a cycling network that connects residents to the Pasir Ris Beach and Park, the development provides unprecedented convenience and connectivity for its residents and the neighbourhood of Pasir Ris.

Official Project Website:
URL for Virtual Tour:,,
Completion Status: Building Under Construction

Unit Allocation

Property Category: Mixed-use with Residential components
1 Bedroom Flexi: 53
1 + Study: 39
2 Bedrooms: 89
2 Bedrooms Premium: 115
2 Bedrooms Premium + Study: 15
3 Bedrooms: 72
3 Bedrooms Premium + Guest: 74
4 Bedrooms Premium Flexi: 16
4 Bedrooms Suites + Guest: 14




Mixed-use with Residential components

Types of Use: Residential, Retail, Bus Interchange, Polyclinic, HDB Town Plaza

Proportion per use: Residential – 43.6%
Retail (Retail, Shops in Bus Interchange and Town Plaza)- 37.8%
Ancillary uses (Polyclinic, Childcare, Bus Interchange, Town Plaza) – 18.6%

Integration of Components: Various components are seamlessly integrated with the podium with community spaces such as The Heritage Garden that lines the Town Plaza entrance creating a garden-like arrival to the development. The double-volume Town Plaza frames the main retail entrance and comes with amphitheatre seating and verandas abutting retail spaces. Amenities and Transport nodes for the public are also embedded in the podium, the bus interchange located at Level 1, Direct access to the CRL line at Basement 2 and Polyclinic at Level 1M and Level 2. Residents living in the development can also gain direct access to their homes from residential lift lobbies located in the mall at Level 1. With an abundance of End-of-Trip facilities, cycling paths are also weaved into the development to facilitate vehicular-free connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Accessibility: The Central Greenway located at Level 1 and 2 is part of an urban township connection with a host of vibrant and lushly landscaped communal spaces that provides vehicular-free connectivity for pedestrians/cyclists from Pasir Ris Park to the future Tampines new town through the development. The development has direct access to transport nodes such as the CRL and EWL MRT line and Bus Interchange. Three Pedestrian Overhead Bridges are also provided to facilitate movement across Pasir Ris Drive 3, Pasir Ris Drive 8 and Pasir Ris Central. With a myriad of connections suiting the needs of various modes of transport, the development provides unprecedented convenience and connectivity for its residents and neighbourhood of Pasir Ris.


Landscape Excellence

Landscape Aesthetic Values: Pasir Ris being a seaside town with its unique coastal ecosystem are well captured and expressed through landscape design language, material, plantation and urbanscape elements throughout the development.

The estuary ecosystem, native to Pasir Ris is represented through the fluid landscape design, embracing the interplay between waterscape and greenery.

The residential landscape deck design is inspired by Archipelago – a unique native characteristic of the Pasir Ris estuary wetland ecosystem. The design embraces the interplay between waterscape and greenery, by reconnecting the deck with indigenous plants to promote ecological ambient.

Social & Cultural Values: Public landscape spaces are thoughtfully designed with Universal Design considerations in mind, catering to users of all ages and abilities. Lush and playful landscape features are introduced to enhance the experience along the Central Greenway to create a conducive pedestrian/cycling way, on both ground & elevated levels with various multi-generation facilities. The entrance to Town Plaza is designed with a lush streetscape and a Heritage Garden, providing an attractive landscape backdrop for the Town Plaza. The Heritage Garden features various native planting species such as tidal vegetation for educational purposes.

Livability & Wellness: The landscape deck is designed into Creative Zone & Retreat Zone, in a fluid yet dynamic landscape setting. The Creative Zone houses the clubhouse with BBQ pavilions, pools, waterplay and kids’ playground. The Retreat Zone comprises 5 landscape dunes (Garden Dune, Wellness Dune, Welcome Dune, Reading Dune, Relax Dune), spaced amidst the residential towers. These dunes offer a variety of landscape spaces such as an urban farm, open gym, mist trail & co-living pavilion.

ABC (Active, Beautiful and Clean) Water features are also incorporated seamlessly into the landscape design in the form of rain gardens; providing natural filtration and detention of stormwater for flood prevention. It also enhances the landscape and biodiversity of the development by introducing various plant species and varied habitats.

Green Plot Ratio: 6.63
Landscape Replacement Area (LRA): 73%
Biodiversity and Habitat Creation: Trees: Native 57% Alien Species 43% Shrubs & Groundcover: Native 23% Alien Species 77%


Design Excellence

Design Concept: Set to be rejuvenated into a vibrant hub, Pasir Ris Integrated Development was conceptualized as an urban oasis in the heart of Pasir Ris. The design takes inspiration from the abundance of green and blue spaces in the vicinity and aspires to exude the tranquillity of a coastal town while being the centre of everyday amenities and connectivity.

Exterior Aesthetics: Pasir Ris 8 is designed with the idea of ‘Living with Nature’. The architecture emulates and invokes the feeling of being surrounded by nature in the motifs, colours and spatial experience created throughout the development; such as sand dune colours and patterns on the main façade; leaf-shaped fenestrations to mark the key Residential and Commercial entrances; use of sunrise hues incorporated within the Polyclinic and tree foliage canopy within the interior of the Integrated Bus Interchange.

Interior Aesthetics & Finishes: Inspired by the Pasir Ris Park, the colour palettes consisting of woody tones and neutral colours paired with an accent tone was derived. The 1-bedroom unit has a light and airy colour scheme to complement the young professionals. The 2-bedroom unit has a slightly darker theme, with greys introduced to reflect a more sophisticated palette. The 3- and 4-bedroom units have bolder feature prints with champagne accents to add a hint of lux to the interior.

Innovative material such as engineered stone is used for kitchen and vanity countertops. Units are equipped with premium appliances from Bosch & Haiku, sanitary wares from Duravit and fittings from Grohe.

Facilities: The landscape deck is conceptualized into two clear main zones – Creative Zone & Retreat Zone. Retreat Zone is a private & quiet residential blocks zone; while ‘Creative Zone’ is an active & dynamic clubhouse common amenities zone.

The Creative Zone houses the clubhouse with BBQ pavilions, pools, water play and kids’ playground. The Retreat Zone comprises 5 landscape dunes (Garden Dune, Wellness Dune, Welcome Dune, Reading Dune, Relax Dune), spaced amidst the residential towers. These dunes offer a variety of landscape spaces such as an urban farm, open gym, mist trail & co-living pavilion.

The clubhouse lounge is complete with WiFi internet and a self-serviced pantry for coffee and snacks. Flexible co-working lounge spaces are provided at the Clubhouse with working pods and meeting rooms to support the work-from-home trend. The clubhouse lounge is complete with WiFi internet and a self-serviced pantry for coffee and snacks. A Bicycle club is provided on Level 3 with a bicycle maintenance station, bike washing facilities together with bike parking facilities to cater to cycling enthusiasts.

Maintainability: Pasir Ris 8 is designed with a clean, minimalist aesthetic which is free of non-functional and non-practical excesses. Façade’s material choices are alum wall cladding at the podium and a combination of window/wall /curtainwall and plaster and paint for the rectangularly shaped residential towers. Notwithstanding the ease to maintain the facade due to material choice, there is a building maintenance system in place. In locations with high footfall such as the Retail Mall Throughblock link and town plaza, durable homogeneous tiles are used for floor finishes.

Design Considerations for Unit Layouts: The unit layouts and provisions at Pasir Ris 8 are designed to cater to the urban lifestyle and needs of homeowners. The material palette mirrors the design inspiration of ‘Living in Nature’ where wood and earth tones form the essence of the material finishes.

1- and 2-bedroom units emphasize flexible layouts and provisions to enable residents to live large within the compact space. Key features include a pull-out table and swivel table for Dining, which can double up as a study or work desk. Sliding walls are provided to 1-bedroom units for flexibility of space. Flexible storage cabinets with built-in ironing board are provided to selected 2-bedroom units. Master bedrooms are designed with space for study corner and selected unit types will be furnished with a multipurpose table/ dresser.

3- and 4-bedroom units aim to provide an element of luxury with key features such as a walk-in closet with a full-height mirror, integrated kitchen counter organizer and smart storage. All units are provided with a shoe cabinet with an umbrella holder.


Sustainability Excellence

Ecological & Environmental Values: ABC (Active, Beautiful and Clean) Water features are incorporated in the landscape deck to treat surface run-off from pervious and impervious surfaces.

Environmental Friendliness: The rain gardens detain and slow down stormwater runoff and improve the water quality by using plants and soil as a filter. They also enhance the landscape and biodiversity of the development by introducing various plant species and varied habitats.

Green Mark Score: Gold Plus


Innovation Excellence

Use of Technology: A variety of smart home features have been considered to offer increased connectivity and security amongst the residents. Wifi camera doorbell and smart door and QR code visitor invite allow residents to receive their visitors with ease. Hosting is made easier with a facility booking app where residents can check the availability of facilities and book them via the app. Other smart devices include the aircon, letter box and parcel locker.

Relevance to Community: Smart features related to security allow a safer environment for residents and make the experience for visitors more seamless and fuss-free. The smart community app is a step toward sustainability as it reduces printed waste since MCST announcements, and booking of lifestyle services can be made via the app. With the prevalence of delivery services, the smart parcel locker allows residents to enjoy both convenience and assurance.


Marketing Excellence

Marketing Objectives: Under the HDB’s Remaking our Heartland Programme, Pasir Ris Town will be rejuvenated. Pasir Ris 8 and Pasir Ris Mall are part of the rejuvenation plan and will become future landmarks of the transformed and vibrant Pasir Ris Town. There will also be a 1.2km Central Greenway to connect Pasir Ris 8 residents to Pasir Ris Park and Beach and Tampines Eco Green. Through thoughtful curation of the unit offerings and facilities and in times of Covid-19 where many needed a bigger space to work from home, Allgreen Properties has designed the first integrated development in the heart of Pasir Ris that will help to enhance the overall living experience through the superb connectivity, convenience and flexi space utilisation within unit layouts. Our priority is to develop quality homes that will benefit the community.

Primary Target Audience: Pasir Ris 8 is an integrated project which appeals to home buyers who are attracted to the convenience of having a mall, polyclinic, childcare and transport hub with 2 MRT lines. The project offers a choice of 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom types which attract singles, couples, families as well as investors who believe in the potential returns of this integrated project. Our primary target audience is the HDB upgraders living in the East and North-East regions, empty nesters who enjoy the convenience of the amenities at the doorstep, and investors who see that there is a potential pool of tenants for people working in the nearby Punggol Digital District.

Marketing Strategy: Pasir Ris 8 was launched amidst covid times in July 2021. The showflat ID was designed to showcase the maximisation of flexi space usage for the possibility of adopting work-from-home arrangements.

The showflat layout and advertising walls were thoughtfully planned to demonstrate the future possibilities and convenience that the transformed Pasir Ris Town will bring in the near future. With the strict safe distancing measures in place, the respective advertising walls were also planned in accordance with the planned route that the visitors will take.

Deployment of Marketing Technology: In consideration of the covid restrictions, we have made our advertisements and project information available on more platforms which are easily accessible by the sales agents and potential buyers. We had limited the showflat viewing time to 45 mins per timeslot in order to allow more visitors to view the showflats in person during the 2weeks preview. We engaged in Matterport for all 3 show units such that our potential buyers could also view the show flats without physically coming down to the sales gallery. We also did a rendered virtual tour of the 4-bedroom unit type to help our buyers better visualise the layout as there was no physical show unit done. As the integrated development includes more components, we have also done a marketing video to showcase the split levels of the development for better understanding. Information was easily shared through our appointed sales agents, our official website and social media.

Promotions: For the launch, we have adopted a holistic marketing campaign to promote the project. Besides the traditional marketing platforms, such as newspaper, radio advertisements and TV commercials, we have picked and done bus wraps on buses that serviced our targeted audience in the East and North East areas. We did advertisement stickers within the MRT train window panels for North East line trains as well as platform screen doors in Pasir Ris and Dhoby Ghaut stations.

On a lighter note, we have done and shared e-Newsletters to share what are the interesting activities and places in the vicinity that residents could explore with their families. A full-scale model, as well as a cross-section model in the retail mall, were also showcased in the sales gallery to help buyers better visualise the integrated development. In terms of promoting our flexi spaces and provisions in each of the show units, we have created short videos that show how each feature functions.

We have also produced a Masterplan video that shares more information on the rejuvenation plan of Pasir Ris Town, selling the future possibilities at Pasir Ris 8. Our marketing and animation video that features the facilities within development help to amplify the convenience and echoes the resort-style vibes at Pasir Ris 8.

The Pasir Ris Park and Beach are just 5 minutes away from Pasir Ris 8 via the Central Greenway. To promote better immersion and the appreciation of nature within the development vicinity, the wildlife video captured from Pasir Ris Park and Beach by Award-winning nature and wildlife photographer Jayaprakash Bojan and artist Dan Ng was also played in the sales gallery.

Value-added Services: At Club 8, Allgreen has created a clubhouse lounge with flexible co-working lounge spaces, working pods and meeting rooms to support the work-from-home trend. The clubhouse lounge is complete with WiFi internet and a self-serviced pantry for coffee and snacks.

Aside from indoor spaces that support work from home, we also bring these facilities outdoor in a landscape setting. The Reading Dune- Study Pavilion and Co-Working Pavilion have been designed as outdoor collaboration spaces for residents to study & work outdoor, surrounded by water features and lush landscaping. The Reading Pavilion comes with casual seating and a mini library setting where residents can have book sharing within the community.


Showflat Excellence

Space Utilisation: The showflat site has an abundance of greenery, Show units are orientated to face the greenery as it serves as a perfect backdrop to illustrate the lush provision of green and blue spaces that will form the main vista of the residential development. The layout of the showflat carves out spaces between its volumes to create dunes – a key feature of the landscape deck. There are a total of 5 dunes in the main development, each with a unique theme and corresponding facilities (e.g. Reading dune, Garden dune).

In the 1-bedroom show unit, ID has designed a set of shallow display shelves which serve as a place for decorative display and also extra storage for the kitchen. It can also serve as an additional worktop space for those working from home. As part of the provisions, Allgreen has provided a built-in dining table within the kitchen counter which can function as another work desk that could be easily and neatly collapsed into the cabinet when not in use. A key feature of this spacious 1-bedroom unit is the sliding doors between the living and bedroom which opens up the already generous space. ID designed for a swivel TV feature wall that allows one to watch TV on the sofa or in the comfort of their king-size bed. The generous width and area of the bedroom allow for the designers to incorporate a study cum dresser table between the wardrobe and the bed and still allows for spacious circulation space.

In the 2-bedroom unit, Allgreen has provided homeowners a swivel dining table that can comfortably seat 4 pax when swivelled out and is kept neatly under the kitchen island counter when not in use. ID has further showcased owners can consider integrating swivel tools under the table for more intelligent use of space.

A dining bench that acts as a side table for the sofa doubles up as a seating space when the dining table is in use. Behind the dining table, a shallow storage cabinet that forms part of the display also hides an occasional flip-down table that can be used with the bench. The wall between the two bedrooms has been partially removed and replaced with a sliding door to showcase the possibility of new parents having easy access into the baby’s room for night feedings or to check on a young child.

The 3-bedroom Premium+ Guest unit of 1302 sq ft is a very comfortable size for a family to live in. The kitchen has been designed with a built-in kitchen organiser at the countertop and ample storage cabinets. In the master bedroom, the walk-in wardrobe has been provided with a sliding door that comes with a full-length mirror. ID has showcased that there is a space for everyone in the family. The spacious master bedroom allows a study cum dresser desk to cater for work-from-home arrangements and a king-size bed. In the other 2 bedrooms, there is also space for beddings and a study table or hobbies nook. On the balcony, ID has considered and designed as an alternative space for working from home. A bar counter has been showcased alongside a pet’s corner.

Practicality: The perforated screens adorning the showflat entrance are key features on the actual development façade to frame the retail and residential entrances. The staggered tiling pattern on the entrance floor is also used on landscape areas in the actual development. And the minimal clean architectural expression of the showflat entrance gives a hint of the architectural expression of the clubhouse at the edeck of the development. Other than the key design features showcased in the showflat, the design and materials used in the showflat also help to fine-tune detailing and materiality for the actual development.

Within the show units, the showcase of integrated dining tables with the kitchen cabinet provides flexible seating options for the end-users, allowing the dining tables to be kept out of the way. The interior designers wanted to expand on this flexibility while also maximising the living space.

In the 2-bedroom unit, the interior designers enhanced the swivel dining table by integrating two swivel stools under the table so that everything can be kept neatly when not in use. A dining bench also doubles up as a side table for the sofa when the dining table is kept away. Behind the dining table, the cabinet also hides a flip-down table that can be used with the bench.

Creativity: The showflat embraces the green on-site and introduces the idea of home as a resort nestled in nature. The dune with the netted seating and the interactive playroom also echoes the element of play and youthfulness within the development, with a dedicated Kid’s club for the children and facilities to support relaxation for the residents.

With the development situated close to Pasir Ris Park and Beach, the sales gallery aspired to impress upon visitors a sense of tranquillity and delight as one would feel at the beach.

In line with the coastal-inspired finishes of the development’s provisions, the sales gallery is decked in the blues of the sea, with curves in the ceiling and flooring design reminiscent of sea waves. The shades of blues complement the sandy taupe and timber palette in the show units. The displays of various sea sports equipment, beach wear and produce not only highlight the development’s edge as an integrated development high in connectivity but also evoke vitality and enjoyment associated with an active lifestyle.

The 1-bedroom uses punches of vivid colours to convey a youthful and dynamic sentiment, reinforced by the bicycles on the balcony and reminds one of the enjoyments of cycling to the Pasir Ris Park and Beach via the Central Greenway. The dynamism is in line with the ability to open up the entire space and close off for more intimacy with the sliding doors provision. This idea garnered positive feedback as one spent more time in their homes under Covid restrictions then.

The 2-bedroom has a gentler palette with the rich punch colours mostly found in the bedrooms. The styling and accessorizing tell of a young family who enjoys adventures and activities while the kid’s room totally personifies the room for the young toddler. The idea of creating access to bedroom 2 showed that there is space and yet privacy is not compromised.

The 3-bedroom adopted a punch of the calming deep blue tones which signify the waves of the sea which can be seen represented in the accessories, artwork and customised carpet rugs. In the respective bedrooms, ID has also showcased the persona of family members (including a pet) who adore the beach lifestyle such as the older kid who loves surfing and the little girl’s bedroom which was accessorised with seashell accessories. ID has also demonstrated the possibility of a guest’s stayover in the guest room.

Overall Uniqueness: Allgreen has adopted a daring approach to building bigger homes to cater for the new norm amidst Covid times. The practical layouts and more than the usual provision of flexi spaces within the units have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. The good sales take-up has shown that our product is well-received.

Pasir Ris 8 has shown every component of a good life is within a stone’s throw, well connected and convenient living in Pasir Ris Central right next to the Pasir Ris Park and Beach.