Le Quest

Le Quest

Project Details

Project Name: Le Quest
Development Company Name: Qingjian Realty (BBC) Pte Ltd & Qingjian Realty (BBR) Pte Ltd
Joint-Venture Partnerships: N.A.
Architect: ADDP Architects LLP
Main Contractor: Qingjian International (South Pacific) Group Development Co., Pte Ltd
Location: Outside Central Region

Total Gross Floor Area (sqft): 515054.08
Number of Residential Units: 516
Type of Area: Strata

Description of Project: Proposed mixed development comprising of :
A 4-storey podium consisting of 6000sqm GFA retail space on the 1st storey (shop units, restaurant units, 1 supermarket (no less than 1000sqm) & 1 food court (no less than 500sqm) total: 100 units)
Carparks on 1st to 4th storey.
1 Childcare centre (approx. 500sqm) on 3rd storey
5 blocks of 12-storey residential development above (total: 516 units) with communal facilities on lot 05037L Mukim 10 at Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 (Bukit Batok planning area)

Official Project Website: http://www.lequest.com.sg/
URL for Virtual Tour: N.A.
Completion Status: Completed Project (TOP)

Unit Allocation

Property Category: Mixed-use with Residential components
Studio: 35
1 + Study: 96
2 Bedrooms: 108
2 + Study: 36
3 Bedrooms: 192
4 Bedrooms: 24
4 + Study: 24


Floor Plans

Mixed-use with Residential components

Types of Use: Residential, Retail

Proportion per use: Residential – 78%, Retail – 22%

Integration of Components: Le Quest is a retail enclave and cozy residential living in one.

1st storey consists of commercial outlets – supermarket, food court, F&B and retail.

On the 3rd storey, there is a childcare centre dedicated to serving the residents of Le Quest.

Not forgetting the carpark lots that stretch from 1st to 4th storey. 1st and 2nd storeys serve the visitors, while 3rd and 4th storeys serve the residents.

A lush landscape deck greets visitors and residents on the 5th storey. Here, there are various recreational facilities available for residents to use, such as the clubhouse, swimming pools and BBQ pavilions.

Residents live on the 5th to 16th storey. In all the residential towers, the 5th storey is occupied by PES (private enclosed space) unit types, typical unit types from 6th to 15th storey, and double ceiling height unit types on the 16th storey.

Taxi is available at the pickup/drop-off bay of Le Quest Mall. There is also a bus shelter right in front of Le Quest, along Bukit Batok West Avenue 6, whereby a regular loop bus service runs between the neighbourhood and Bukit Batok Bus Interchange.

For drivers, there are allocated car parking lots available in the development. 1st and 2nd storey carpark are allocated for visitors, while commercial vehicles can only park at the 1st storey. The 3rd and 4th storey carparks are allocated for residents.

A shuttle bus service is available to ferry residents between Le Quest and Bukit Batok MRT Station, which will run for the first 2 years after construction completion.

Bicycle parking is also available in the development, be it for long-term usage that is dedicated to residents, or short-term usage that is dedicated to visitors. Cyclists can park their bicycles at the designated parking pavilions.

Accessibility: Bukit Batok is notable for being one of the few districts with a heavier emphasis on greenery, with many parks and trees about for a tranquil environment. Park Connector Network at our doorstep – the development conveniently sits along an extensive PCN that leads to popular nature destinations such as Little Guilin, Bukit Batok Hillside Park, Bukit Batok Town Park, Bukit Batok Central, West Mall, Greenwood Park, Dairy Farm Nature Park, Chinese Garden and Jurong Lake District.

Despite the measured growth here, Bukit Batok West isn’t as remote as it appears. Several schools like Dulwich College, Eden School, and Millennia Institute are within a radius of 2km from where Le Quest is being developed. Just across the road directly opposite Millennia Institute, there are also Princess Elizabeth Primary School and Bukit Batok Secondary School.

St. Luke’s Hospital along Bukit Batok West Ave 3 is less than a 10-minute drive away while Bukit Batok West Shopping Centre (an assembly of neighbourhood shops) is a sharp right from the hospital and a couple of minutes’ walk away.

Bukit Batok MRT station is about 1.4km away and accessible via bus from the bus stop near Le Quest. West Mall is near the MRT station and is where residents of the area can watch movies at Cathay Cineplex. The recent announcement of Jurong Regional Line, Tengah Park MRT Station is located just about 600m from Le Quest.

For drivers, Bukit Batok Road which runs parallel to Le Quest leads into the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) so getting onto the highway takes about five minutes or less, depending on how many cars are on the road at any given time. From the PIE, residents can even drive down to Jurong East and IMM and from there, the International Business Park.

Proximity to the up-and-coming Tengah’s 55,000 Home Forrest Town and HDB estates. Located at the fringe of Bukit Batok town, Le Quest will benefit from the growth and dynamism of a future visionary estate boasting of ‘Smart’ living (planning, environment, estate, living and solutions). It also will adopt a ‘forest town’ concept with hiking trails and at the same time pedestrian- and cyclist-centric.


Landscape Excellence

Landscape Aesthetic Values: This particular project’s inspiration is derived from stone, and the aim is to achieve a harmony of natural contrast using stones. The juxtaposition of the selected materials enhances the volume of elegance and abstraction of pattern and geometry, retaining the essence and richness of the space.

The lines created are strong and geometrically determined but inserted with great care into the landscape, balancing the rigour and articulated function nestled comfortably to exactitude the precision of the spaces. Based on the interpretation of a human force hitting the nature of a mountain, the cutting form explicitly enhances the simple look that integrates and brings out the artistic character of the quarry.

Social & Cultural Values: Le Quest is surrounded by educational institutions and iconic landmarks. Le Quest is a mixed-use development project there are plazas, shops, supermarkets and food stores for people to gather and it will be an important node for surrounding people.

Livability & Wellness: They are strong and geometrically determined but inserted with great care into the landscape. A crafted quarry 50m lap pool and big leisure pool are placed in the centre of the project. The clubhouse function room is located right in middle between these 2 pools to connect the activities of these 2 main areas. There are also a spa pool, BBQ pits and kids pool integrated with Landscape garden design along the common deck to create a sensory relationship with this new exciting nature experience.

Green Plot Ratio: 6.92

Landscape Replacement Area (LRA): 54.50%

Biodiversity and Habitat Creation: NA


Design Excellence

Design Concept: Le Quest, as our principle concept, relates to Bukit Batok’s history as a Carrara stone quarry from the British era. Just like Carrara marble, the stone as a local natural resource symbolizes civilization, commerce/livelihood, and affluence/prosperity for the locality aspirations intended for the new precinct surrounding Le Quest, which is a beacon of lifestyle and communal living.

Le Quest provides a hybrid solution of street shopping and mall shopping without compromising the efficiency of the commercial area. Traditional Street Shopping suits the destination shopping needs similar to the neighborhood shopping centre for basic needs. Mall shopping provides the ambience and hip and lifestyle shopping. With these two concepts and a civil community club, Le Quest offers chic uptown amenities in spacious out-of-town surroundings.

Le Quest takes inspiration from the lifestyle in Italy, famed for its trendy cafes and fun, bohemian vibe – and aims to create a hip, modern and vibrant hub.

Exterior Aesthetics: The name “Le Quest” is inspired by the Carrara stone quarries in Italy, where the world’s most beautiful white marble can be found. Marble native to this region is steeped in history and reputation.

Five dwelling towers nestle above a landscape deck sculpted poetically, reminiscent of the Carrara quarries. Staggered rock faces are juxtaposed with serene water features, all under the canopies of lush trees – in the likeness of the geography of Carrara, where a densely forested mountain is carved out to expose its majestic core of white marble terracing above emerald waters.

Interior Aesthetics & Finishes: The design direction for Le Quest’s interior seeks to offer modern contemporary comfort and luxury within the enclave of Bukit Batok. With timeless interior touches that are created using bold contrasting elements, the design aims to inject a breath of life into this matured estate.

Similar to the landscape concept, interior design also takes inspiration from its surroundings – the Xiao Gui Ling Quarry. As such, the material palette is a careful curation of natural-looking and earthy selections. This can be seen in the soothing marble and timber surfaces brought into the space to echo the concept, subtly bringing elements of nature into the interior space. Natural daylight, complimenting the natural look of the materials hence exists in harmony to exude a calm and serene interior. The interior also merges the verdant landscape of the surrounding with sleek sophistication in a harmonious manner, creating a seamless ambience throughout.

Unit types are distinctively designed, intended for modern contemporary living, with spaces that flow and layouts that maximize functionality. Each unit comes complete with a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom/s with luxury fittings and appliances which engender an elegant, yet sleek interior aesthetic, where functionality and luxury exist in harmony.

In summary, our design approach is an inspired response to an inspiring location. With sleek interior touches, Le Quest exudes contemporary sophistication.

Facilities: Re-awaken
1. 50m Lap Pool – estimated area 650 sqm
2. Aqua Lounge (Water Bed)
3. Stone Pool Deck
4. Picnic Ground
5. Tranquil Lawn (Soft Lawn Lounge)
6. Zen Garden (Forest Cove)
7. Reading Room
8. Chill-out Lounge (Outdoor Lounge)
9. Dining Alfresco (Outdoor Alfresco)
10. Fitness Corner
11. Social Room (Function Room)
12. Clubhouse

13. Family Pool – estimated area 470 sqm
14. Bubble Jet
15. Sculpture Water Feature
16. Family Pavilion
17. Dining Pavilion
18. Sky BBQ

19. Maze Garden
20. Garden Trail (Garden Walk)
21. Herb Garden

22. Putting Green
23. Reflective Water Feature (The Lantern)
24. Gym
25. Spa Lobby
26. Therapy Pool – estimated area 40 sqm

27. Kid’s Pool – estimated area 45 sqm
28. Children’s Playground
29. BBQ Pavilion
30. Tennis Court
31. The Retreat (Sky Cabana)
32. Kid’s Pavilion
33. Residential Arrival Lobby (Resi Common Lift Lobby)

4th Storey
34. Outdoor Gen-set

1st Storey
35. Substation
36. Bin Centre
37. Residential Vehicular Entrance & Exit
(Residential Ingress & Egress)
38. Retail Vehicular Entrance & Exit
(Commercial Ingress & Egress)
39. Guard House

Maintainability: 1. Bicycle lots: 110 lots, inclusive 20 lots on 1st storey with access to End-of-Trip facilities (shower/changing room located next to the retail toilet).
2. A fenceless mixed-development with commercial/retail shops easily accessible via perimeter-covered walkways at 1st storey.
3. A pedestrian thoroughfare across from Bukit Batok Street 41 to Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 which provides seamless connectivity via designated paths access to the future Civic & Community Institution (C&CI).
4. No hidden/additional season parking charges to residents.
5. 2 years of free complimentary shuttle service (for Residents and shoppers) to Bukit Batok MRT and Jurong East MRT stations.
6. Priority will be given to residents for Childcare Centre registration.

Design Considerations for Unit Layouts: Good size master bedroom for all unit types.
High volume for most units on the highest floor (Living/Dining only). Except for Unit Type A1.
The layout of the kitchen allows for flexibility in planning.


Sustainability Excellence

Ecological & Environmental Values: Lighting
LED lamps will be used for the staircase, lift lobby, function room, gym and landscape deck lighting. T5 fluorescent lighting for carpark. Achieve 59% savings.

Climate Control
41% of the total units are designed with cross-ventilation
Provision of minimum 4 ticks energy efficient air-conditioners certified under Singapore Energy Labelling Scheme.
Ductless fans are used for the 3rd and 4th storey carpark.

Provision of water fittings certified under the PUB “Very Good” WELS rating.
Private meters are provided for all major water uses. They are linked to the Building Management System. Sub-meters are to monitor swimming pool and water feature water usage, and common facilities, e.g. Clubhouse, BBQ pit water usage.

To promote recycling, recycling bins are provided at the basement storey of all block lobbies.

Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) and washed copper slag (WCS) are used in place of coarse and fine aggregates for concrete production.

Environmental Friendliness: Le Quest has achieved the BCA Greenmark Gold Plus rating in the Residential category for environmental design and performance.

Green Mark Score: Green Mark GoldPlus


Innovation Excellence

Use of Technology: Relish the convenience of smart living.
Your home in your phone. Designed to give you convenience and peace of mind, instant access to just about everything in your home wherever you are with the smart app designed especially for you.


No more worrying about whether you’ve locked the door. Forgetful or not, simply check with your smart device.

Wi-Fi access in all communal areas of Le Quest.

No need to wait for your home to chill. The right temperature is set, even before you step in.

Unlock your doors remotely.

One-touch control for different moods and occasions.

Stay connected to your home, even when you are overseas. Instant access to everything in your home through one button.


Choose your favourite dishes from a list of caterers, pay for them and have them delivered to you, all through the app.

Make every celebration a success by selecting from our list of party and event planners.

From house cleaning and choked pipes to air-conditioner maintenance, choose from a curated list of services at your fingertips.

Select and book your desired facility whenever, wherever.

Pay your maintenance fee through the app.


Give your guests the VIP treatment. With one click on the app, the guards will be informed instantly of your guests’ arrival, making visits from friends and relatives hassle-free and easy.

Welcome your guests through a lift lobby video intercom system.

Even when you are not at home, you can always see who’s at the door.

Relevance to Community: INSPIRED LIVING

Take your pick from Zumba, Yoga, Pilates or Dance classes to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Learn to swim safely, or pick up tennis from certified and experienced coaches and instructors.

Learn to cook new dishes for your family and be a great home chef with a comprehensive list of cooking and baking classes.

Exclusive deals and promotions.

* The content of smart living is subject to terms and conditions. Homeowners will be required to log in via phone application to access the function and or services listed above. The services listed are subject to change without prior notice and additional charges may apply.