Klimt Cairnhill

Klimt Cairnhill

Project Details

Project Name: Klimt Cairnhill
Development Company Name: Glopeak Development Pte Ltd
Joint-Venture Partnerships: N.A.
Architect: DP Architects Pte Ltd
Main Contractor: Low Keng Huat (Singapore) Limited
Location: Core Central Region

Total Gross Floor Area (sqft): 235622
Number of Residential Units: 138
Type of Area: Strata

Description of Project: Klimt Cairnhill is a freehold ultra luxury residential development and an architectural landmark with its brilliant
curvilinear uniquely gold façade shimmering in Singapore’s most prestigious Prime District 9 . The grandeur of the main
entrance – a 16.5 m high volume with culminated effect portrays the sophistry and elegance of the development.

It is built around a meticulously preserved 1902 Anglo-Malay bungalow converted into its clubhouse. Original details like
the hardwood timber flooring and colorful encaustic cement tiles were painstakingly restored, while vibrant colour
scheme and Art Deco-inspired furnishings add layers of rich Peranakan heritage to the clubhouse. One can expect
modern luxury with its exquisite lounges and private dining rooms which provides a wonderful alternative to your
entertainment experience and allow you to create new memories within the ambience of history.

Official Project Website: https://www.theklimtcairnhill.com/
URL for Virtual Tour: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=nHXE5dMXVsY
Completion Status: Building Under Construction

Unit Allocation

Property Category: Condominium / Apartment
2 Bedrooms: 22
2 + Study: 28
3 Bedrooms: 51
4 Bedrooms: 2
5 Bedrooms or more: 2



Floor Plans

Landscape Excellence

Landscape Aesthetic Values: The overall landscape design was inspired by European landscape gardens with strong expression formalistic manicured lines and wooded edges, integrating with the building’s geometry in a greatly sloping site. This creates a dynamic framework for organization of
circulation, landscape spaces and amenities. A key consideration is the manipulation of the steep slope profile stretching from the ‘Tapis Vert’ lawn, fronting the conserved bungalow clubhouse, to the Tree-of- Life Mural wall, up to the hanging gardens beyond. The different levels are carefully designed landscape terraces programmed to contain different spaces of active and passive activities. Abstraction of the Art Nouveau movement expresses itself in the different compositional elements of gardens, mural wall and sculptures emblematic of its artistic root.

Social & Cultural Values: The Golden Tree Sculpture is derived from the salvaging of an existing tree on site. The intent is to preserve this tree that had grown with a beautiful root structure and unusual form on a very
steep slope on site. The decision to coat the root structure was taken so as to preserve it for posterity, in order that a piece of the site’s origin can be saved and re-purposed for the pleasure of the future residents. The Art Nouveau Garden being inspired by the creative movement, retains
the elements which are key to the artistic movement which are primarily Nature-inspired forms of plants and flowers, fluid movements and asymmetrical lines. To enhance the fluidity of the forms, leaves and irises are abstracted into patterns using wrought iron pieces that frame a simple
recessed flower garden. In the same garden, the seating is made to resemble the seeds from the Nutmeg plant which recalls the history of the site as a previous orchard as well as the historical significance of the nutmeg spice from the Far East in the 19th century spice trade between Asia
and Europe.

Liveability & Wellness: To elevate the environmental sensitivity and sustainability of the site, a wide variety of flora was conceptualised and designed, to improve and increase the site’s biodiversity and richness. Large trees with broad canopies were proposed to provide shade and comfort. The lush array of foliage cultivates a micro-environment rich with bio-diversity, and creates a nurturing, living space for residents. As the surrounding context is primarily residential, landscape buffers with screen
planting were created to provide privacy and visual relief from inquisitive eyes. Durable hardscape materials with light colour were chosen to minimize urban heat effect. Changes in texture of materials, levels and planting experiences from arrival to the interior gardens evoke a
tranquil space out of time for users.

Green Plot Ratio: 10.6. Refer to Appendix A.
Landscape Replacement Area (LRA): In total, more than the required minimum for the LRA was achieved. Refer to Appendix B.
Biodiversity and Habitat Creation: Shade tolerant plants were used in areas partially shaded by the shadows cast by the buildings, or architectural overhangs. As the surrounding context is primarily residential, landscape buffers with screen planting were created to provide privacy and visual relief from inquisitive eyes. Planting around the historic building was limited to plants with less root incursion in order to protect the structure of the historic buildings. Trees around the historic building are limited to columnar trees, spaced well apart from each other so that visibility to the house is not blocked. In total, the landscape which contains native species and pollinator friendly species is proposed with: • Trees and Palms : 24 varieties species • Shrubs : 40 varieties species • Groundcoverss : 7 varieties species • Climbers : 5 varieties species


Design Excellence

Design Concept: Klimt redefines the experience of luxury living. The plan of the tower is rectangular reflecting an efficient configuration but the facade is curvilinear akin to a soft elegant fabric draping on a golden Tower. Given that the location of Klimt is along Cairnhill Road, “The Golden
District”, where many of Singapore’s pioneering business founders established their presence, it is truly an address sought after by many. The development is a residential tower that rises at 36- storey overlooking the Singapore Iconic Skyline from afar and close within its proximity, lush
landscape and green foliage with conserved and restored “Elevated Anglo Malayan style bungalow” as resident’s club house. In all, the Klimt design balances all aspects of heritage, luxury and functionality!

Exterior Aesthetics: The key architectural feature of Klimt is its golden facade. The building form design presents a metaphor of the constant and harmonious interlacing of nature and urbanity. In its articulated
form, the building consists of curvilinear and angular expression intertwining at the podium, rising towards the sky, culminating with resolution at the crown. In terms of artistic interpretation, the design takes inspiration from the way the artist used gold leaf in his art pieces and this explains the golden facade of Klimt. The interiors, facilities and landscape of Klimt takes their design cues from the architecture. The idea of elegance, luxury and sophistry are all reflected in the way these components are designed and placed throughout this development. Klimt welcomes a new
experience of luxury living, a redefined atmosphere of residential development!

Interior Aesthetics & Finishes: The clubhouse was conceived as a sophisticated, intimate communal space that can function as a library, meeting room or event space, or a second living room for residents. Taking cues from the original 1912 Anglo-Malay bungalow architecture, the interior features classic mouldings and column details that celebrate Cairnhill’s origins as a colonial plantation. Original details e.g. the hardwood timber flooring and colorful encaustic cement tiles were painstakingly restored, while vibrant colour scheme and Art Deco-inspired furnishings add layers of rich Peranakan heritage. The grand, double-height lobby was conceived as a dramatic entrance to welcome residents home. The soaring curved walls are treated with hand-trowelled Venetian plaster for a warm and elegant sophistication.

Communal areas on L14 include an entertainment room and gym with mirrored ceilings and timber paneled walls to create a cosy feel.

The apartment units feature Paloma Ivory stone floors and herringbone timber flooring in the bedrooms. The highlight are the opulent bathrooms which feature vanities wrapped in silver travertine, burled wood and bronze metal cabinetry for a European Art Deco feel.

Facilities: While site constraints and floor area efficiency requirements do not usually allow for extensive landscape and amenities, Klimt atypically managed to provide an extensive of facilities intervened with the greenery at 1st storey to 5th storey and 14th storey sky terrace.

From 1st storey to 4th storey podium, the facilities consist of Heated Jacuzzi, Art Nouveau Garden, Golden Tree Garden, Tree of Life Garden and Tapis Vert (Formal Lawn) in front of conserved “Elevated Anglo Malayan style bungalow” as resident’s club house. At the western edge, there
are barbeque facilities.

At 5th storey podium landscape offers a wide range of external activities that are incorporated into its landscape setting. The focal landscape feature at this area is the continuous series of pool that stretch across the west
side of the podium edge. Along this extent are children’s pool, leisure pool, shallow pool with floating planter, a 50m long lap pool, and a Jacuzzi pool. The extension and expression of the rectilinear pattern also formed a series of pocket spaces to accommodate active and passive recreational facilities such as pool deck, family pavilion, pool side dining pavilion, lounge deck, event lawn, reading alcove, and children’s playground.

Taking into consideration busy lifestyles, fitness opportunities are provided in a form of an indoor gym with outdoor fitness deck set against the backdrop of the glittering skyline at 14th storey.

Entertainment room, chill out deck, community garden, meditation deck and changing room are gracefully inserted as pocket spaces at the same floor.

Maintainability: The Consultant Team recognises that maintainability is crucial aspect, in which majority of the downstream maintenance viability lies in the design stage and the responsibility of the consultants. The overall Maintenance strategy encompasses the following sub-strategies: Safe
Maintenance; Efficient Maintenance; and Sustainable Maintenance which includes the followings:

• Internal and external paint to be durable
• Colour and tonality of floor tiles are curated with stain durability in mind
• Easy access to building façade for future re-painting and repairs
• Facade screen are modular for easily replaceable
• Sufficient space and safe access to flat roofs for maintenance
• Lighting design are thoughtfully place at maintainable height for high volume spaces

• Material with easy clean surface
• Waterproof or easy clean fabrics

• Use of native and common plant species
• planting next to the water bodies was limited to plants with large leaves and flowers to facilitate ease of maintenance

Design Considerations for Unit Layouts: The organizational principle in the unit layout is to emphasize the living spaces such as the living,
dining and the kitchen areas. The living, dining and dry kitchen spaces are defined yet opened to each other to create a larger living space. Balcony introduced outside the living room expands this living space. The bedrooms are located away from the living spaces and yet command the frontal view.

Each abode is designed for modern urban living, fully-equipped to meet the needs of the residents. The circulations within the units are kept simple to make daily movement effortless.

Private lifts are fitted to serve some units, bringing the residents and their visitors straight into the interior comfort of their abodes. Units are also coupled with their own balconies, where one could bask in the soft morning sun or take a glimpse at little episodes unfold around the pool area.


Sustainability Excellence

Ecological & Environmental Values: Klimt had provided the building industry another example of how a high-end development can meet the user expectations in terms of luxurious finishing and design, but yet address environmental concerns with low environmental impact in this tropical climate.
• The development situated near bus stops, MRT and provision of bicycle lane leading to bicycle lots and electrical car park lots with charging facilities encourages the residents to utilize transportation that consumes less non-renewable energy sources and produce less emission of harmful by-products into the environment.
• Residential units are designed to meet National Environment Agency ambient internal noise level requirement. Kitchens, toilet and yards are designed to be naturally-ventilated and day-lit for user comfort.
• Conservation and resource recovery effort on the restored “Elevated Anglo Malayan style bungalow includes strengthening and preserving the existing building structure and reused the demolished building material as a resemblance to reminisce the past.
• Low-volatile organic compounds in the paint and furnishings, which is non-harmful to human health is used where possible.
• Utilization of energy efficient appliances, air-conditioning and installation of meters for monitoring had been provided to reduce consumption of energy over the building’s life cycle.
• Energy efficient design and a control of ventilation system in carpark are put into consideration where a large area of the carpark is designed with natural ventilation and Carbon Monoxide sensors are provided at mechanical ventilation car park area to regulate ventilation when required.

Environmental Friendliness: Refer to write-up above

Green Mark Score:


Innovation Excellence

Use of Technology: • Extensive use of pre-fabricated windows, pre-fabricated bathrooms and pre-cast columns had been incorporated.
Such extensive use of factory fabricated items had reduced the number of construction workers usually required to erect external brick/ reinforced concrete walls and plastering/ painting works. Prefabrication had also reduced the construction errors on site and sped up construction time. The high quality of workmanship allows residents of the development benefited in being able to enjoy the luxurious finishes and facilities. In this manner it contributes towards Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority’s directive towards construction excellence and a higher standard of
living for all.
• Motion detectors are provided at area where human traffic is not frequent. Lighting in common areas and external areas are supplied with time switches such that most of the lighting can be scheduled to be switched off after pre-determined time during the night to conserve energy.
• Smart access control system is implemented in the whole development with digital verification system.
• Mechanical ventilated car parks are installed with CO sensors to regulate the carpark ventilation when required.

Relevance to Community: Refer to write-up above


Marketing Excellence

Marketing Objectives: As an established construction and property developer’s first foray into the ultra-luxury condominium segment, our
objective is also to preserve the historical significance of the site. The luxury design of the development reminds one of the wealthy elites residing in the area for over a century. With the meticulously preserved 1902 Anglo-Malay bungalow as the clubhouse, it’s not just about purchasing a property but savouring history and owning a piece of legacy forever
Primary Target Audience: Young couple with successful careers & families with school going children and foreigners residing in Singapore.

Marketing Strategy: We partner with established realtors to hinge on their network of potential buyers. Websites , brochures and other publicity materials are created and designed with our primary target audience in mind. Mobile-optimized website and digital copies of brochures are also available and are distributed digitally. Ads are placed on media with our potential target audience.

Deployment of Marketing Technology: N.A.

Promotions: N.A.

Value-added Services: – Concierge services are provided to attend to the needs of the residents and provide a personal touch to residents and
visitors by welcoming them home or to the estate.
– Beverages services will be provided in the clubhouse to enhance the residents’ entertainment experiences for their guests.
– The picnic lawn and Tapis Vert provide great outdoor for families and friends to gather as well as for the kids and furkids to frolic and enjoy the luxury of outdoor living.


Showflat Excellence

Space Utilisation: The showflat was designed to capture the sequence of spatial experiences from the point of arrival to the private spaces within the apartment units. In essence, the showflat sees upon itself similar to a well-attentive host to the visitors. The interiors are curated to visually guide fellow visitors from the entrance with its monumental signage of the development yet softly treated landscape surrounds it and the carpark. The spaces inside are warm yet elegant and sophisticated. It is a true balancing act.

It consists of an entrance, reception, gallery with discussion area, courtyard, 3 show units comprising 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom units, a VIP room and office.

Practicality: The golden facade is designed to be visible from every angle of the road. Its main purpose is to attract potential buyers who drive pass.
Design strategies are applied on the flow of the spaces from common area to the arrangement of showunits to ensure that the visitors are well informed of the development. Each show unit captured the spirit of Klimt, richly diverse in colors and texture are juxtaposed stylishly to demonstrate how a contemporary luxury living experience can be realized in the residential units.

Creativity: The building form design is an extract to reflect the main development, Klimt. In its articulated form, the building consists of curvilinear and angular expression intertwining the sales gallery and
the show units. The idea of elegance, luxury and sophistry are all reflected from the finishes to the furniture.

Overall Uniqueness: The key architectural feature of Klimt is its golden façade. The building form design presents a metaphor of the constant and harmonious interlacing of nature and urbanity. The curvilinear and
angular expression on the showflat makes it a not-so-an-ordinary sales gallery.

The 3 things that this Showflat hopes to capture one’s attention and memories would be its lovely interiors, well curated hierarchy of spaces and the sheer elegance of this development.