Belgravia Ace

Belgravia Ace

Project Details

Project Name: Belgravia Ace
Development Company Name: Fairview Developments Pte Ltd
Joint-Venture Partnerships: N.A.
Architect: JGP
Main Contractor: N.A.
Location: Outside Central Region

Total Gross Floor Area (sqft): 266020
Number of Residential Units: 107
Type of Area: Strata Landed

Description of Project: A classic and modern design concept with double volume on 1st storey. The 6m width of internal space is showcased and the ‘spaciousness’ is further highlighted with the design of 4.58m height ceiling with furniture loft on the 1st storey. A landed with condominium facilities within the development.

Official Project Website: N.A.
URL for Virtual Tour:
Completion Status: Building Under Construction

Unit Allocation

Property Category: Strata Landed




Architectural Landscape

Floor Plans

Landscape Excellence

Landscape Aesthetic Values: Belgravia Ace landscape design is inspired by the natural elements that make up the natural world. The space is divided into the following zones: Fire, Earth Air, Metal, Water, Wood, Stone and Light. Each zone has a special feature that is unique to each area and based on the theme of the zone, providing a sense of balance across the site.

Social & Cultural Values: The central Earth Garden Zone design emphasizes the interactions among the inhabitants and nature. The design provides social and recreational spaces like the BBQ Pavilion, lawn and Game Court that enhance social relations among inhabitants. The Landform Playground design also adding educational value in the nature-inspired themed playground among the children.

Liveability & Wellness: The Maze Garden design to provide opportunity of interactions between inhabitants and plants. Also, the Whispering Pond with Waterfall use elements of Stone and Water to enhance the biophilic experience with a direct connection to nature.

Green Plot Ratio: N.A.
Landscape Replacement Area (LRA): Communal open space 43.55% of site area
On Ground Greenery 25.55% of site area
(LRA is not required for this project type)

Biodiversity and Habitat Creation: N.A.


Design Excellence

Design Concept: Creating living space for multi-generation families and community.

Site Plan Design
Grand axis, grid system and utilise all space in the site. Provide spacious communal green space between houses.
Terracing site levels creating a natural contouring landscape. This natural landscape creates contours which can be a great visual value to the development. Framing the artwork of landscape.

Exterior Aesthetics: Exterior design is more on Modern and sleek with clean lines and few elements. There is unique architecture feature continuous fin + sunshade + canopy that create a “Frame”at the front of each house with large window – curtainwall look alike.

The color scheme is mixed between Cool & Warm (Grey & Brown) to keep the building look elegant but not too cold.

The different shades of gray make the house a little vibrant and enhance the Granite look alike the brick pattern facade at the front of the house.

Interior Aesthetics & Finishes: N.A.

Facilities: Various facilities are distributed over the site, they can be access conveniently from each house. There is a large green space and playground in the middle of the site for vibrant activity. There are 50m long swimming pool at the north row of communal green area and Family pool, Cloud Waterplay, Water Trellis & Jacuzzi at south row of communal garden. There are total of 4 pavilions around the site which has a different concept of Landscape and Architecture design.

Maintainability: The selection of material such as external paint, coating and cladding are easy to maintain and have a long lifespan. The facade is able to clean as we have allow space for access around the building.

Design Considerations for Unit Layouts: 1. The house type-A has unique design with car porch at 1st storey which similar to an “actual Landed house”
2. Spacious private car porch – Can park up to 3 cars at house type B
3. Spacious space between house (to front) – 18m wide communal space between the house.
4. Spacious span with 6m wide & high ceiling living / dining / dry kitchen area
5. Furniture Loft above the wet kitchen with able to access by main staircase.
6. Large Roof Terrace area and well sheltered.


Sustainability Excellence

Ecological & Environmental Values: During the construction process, materials with a long lifespan that are durable and require little maintenance would be used.

Environmental Friendliness: N.A.

Green Mark Score: 70 points


Innovation Excellence

Use of Technology: Provision of Smart Home system:
– Living Room & Master Bedroom aircon control (Remotely via mobile app)
– WiFi IP camera
– WiFi door bell with camera
– Digital Door lock set
– Smart Gateway
– Smart Smoke Detector

Relevance to Community: N.A.


Marketing Excellence

Marketing Objectives: Building rare freehold strata landed with condominium facilities within the development in Singapore.

Primary Target Audience: Big families, 3 Gen

Marketing Strategy: Landscape design to create family-oriented facilities like Cloud Waterplay, Family Pool, Waterfall and Family Jacuzzi. Designed with the intention of connecting individuals with its environment for clarity and tranquility – where one can establish a deeper bond between oneself and nature. At Belgravia Ace, different materials and nature elements are intertwined into creating a modern oasis, serene and harmonic and tranquil spaces for the communal.

Deployment of Marketing Technology: N.A.

Promotion: Newspaper, social media, online advert

Value-added Services: Electric vehicle charger for each house, a built-in shoe cabinet with a ducted exhaust air system. A plasma air filtration system to the wall-mounted fan coil unit air-conditioning system for the house.


Showflat Excellence

Space Utilisation: We have built the “actual” house building (4 storey) which is integrated with the Sales Gallery. The basement unit has a pull out and is built separately from 4 storey house. The basement floor just locate side by side at 1st storey. As result, it will be more convenient for people to access the show house and able access both area at the same time. In additional, it also saves on construction cost & time.

Practicality: With the 6m width spaciousness, the design for the showflat are more practical for big families with kids and 3-Gens. There is special detailing on each room layout to maximise the space. Furnitures are specially customised with sleek look.

Creativity: N.A.

Overall Uniqueness: N.A.